Green Cleaning with Pro-Tek Chemical

This is my first of many blogs I hope.  I just want people to know how easy it is to use just one cleaner for everything.  Pro-Tek is amazing!!! I use it for everything.  I have three spray bottles that are mixed at different solutions ratios.  The first one is 120:1 (1 ounce of Pro-Tek and 120 ounces of water) that is what I use to clean windows and mirrors. Then I have one mixed at 10:1 (10 ounces of water and 1 ounce of Pro-Tek) I use this to clean walls, counter tops, floors, and sinks.  You do have to be careful of granite and stone counter tops and tile.  It is safe to use if your granite and stone tiles have been sealed.  Granite and stone are pouris materials so if they are not sealed I would not use Pro-Tek on them.  It works great on my wood floors I use a steam mop and just spray the Pro-Tek on the heavy stains. If you don’t have hard water this ratio is wonderful on showers and bathtubs.  The last spray bottle is mixed at a 5:1 ratio (5 ounces of water for every one ounce of Pro-Tek).  I use this on grease stains behind the stove, grass, grease and blood stains on clothing.  In my next blog I will go into more details on carpet and clothing stains.


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