4th of July 2016 can’t believe it has been a year already

I have officially recover from the 4th of July 2016.  The BBQ is cleaned with Pro-Tek of coarse.  I used it at a 5:1 ratio and a wire brush on the slightly warm racks. It looks like we just took it out of the again. This year we had some red wine stains on our carpet.  I had to use the heat transfer method to get those stains out.  Once again Pro-Tek saves the day (and the carpet).  I mix Pro-Tek 3 parts water to 1 part Pro-Tek sprayed it on to the stains.  I was worry so I really saturated the stain.  Then I put an old white towel over the stain and used my iron(first time it has been used in the last 6 months) on the wool setting or a low setting.  The wine started to transfer into the towel I could not believe that it took that wine stain out completely.  Once I got all of the wine out I just rinsed the area with plain water.   Now for the other stains carpets, we had a lot of spills(but it was sure nice to have some of the grand-kids there this year).  I used the 5:1 ratio and sprayed it on the stains.  Then I took and old light colored towel and put it over the top of the stain and with my foot I just kept pressing and twisting. Then I would move it to a clean spot on the towel and just keep doing it until the stain was all soaked up by the towel.  Then I just used my carpet cleaner with plain water to remove all of the Pro-Tek Cleaner from the carpet and pad.


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